The internet is now full of good shark pictures.  New cameras and new dive sites have opened the doors. This site began in the era of a dial-up internet connection.  Hours would be spent doing what takes minutes today.  The site remains – although we do not update it as often as before..  I hope you’ll enjoy these old pages and view them as an example of the changing and improving attitude toward all sea life.


§ 10 Responses to WHEN WE BEGAN THIS BLOG

  • JOHN HARDING says:

    Contact Ron and Valerie Taylor. It’s never been made available for sale to the best of my knowledge.

  • Gary Warner says:

    hi john harding

    I’m developing a display for the Discovery Centre of Queensland Museum. The subject is Shark, but the approach is to use the subject as a way of looking at the work the Museum does – science, collecting, interpreting, object conservation, expert advice, etc

    We will be displaying a 12 gauge powerhead donated by Don MacMillan of Townsville and I’ve been trying to find an image to go with it. I was hoping to use a colour image of Wally Gibbins with his famed Tiger Shark kill from Sykes Reef, but have been having trouble locating one with rights to use.

    I’m interested to know if you have a high-res version of this image – https://thejohnharding.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/2011-10-2110.jpg
    showing a diver with White Shark off Coolongatta; and if so, what charge would there be to use this in the museum display.

    I’m can send you the draft text label for the object if that helps. In the display there are fossil sharks teeth, sharks teeth knives from Cape York, sharkskin covered pocket watch and sword scabbard, Greynurse holotype from 1911, White Shark fiberglass model, bark painting, 1830’s vertebrae of “28ft Shark taken in the Derwent, Van Diemen’s Land” and other items.


    gary warner

  • Richard Hanley says:

    I found your website because I was trying to find the photo of the shark and the pair of legs. (Which I remember from the papers at the time.) My question: why do you say the photo is a fake? Is the shark really smaller than it appears?

  • JOHN HARDING says:

    Please check your email, I replied last week to gwarner@cdpmedia.com.au


  • Kate says:

    Shark hunting. Disgusting. Do you eat them or just enjoy the thrill of killing them? Way to contribute to, and profit off the problem

  • Maria says:

    Hi John, I am a coral reef researcher trying to get (any) information about reef communities in the southern coral sea (Cato, Wreck Reef etc) – I saw on your coral sea blog that you have some shots of what the reefs looked like when you visited – I would love to see more to get an idea of coral and fish abundance in the coral sea then. I would love to start corresponding about that if you are interested. Thanks!!! Maria

  • JOHN HARDING says:

    Fish were never in abundance in that clear water of The Coral Sea. Maybe less nutrients? You probably won’t believe that point but have trust, it’s true.

  • laia abril says:

    Dear Jhon,
    I’m from colors magazine, and we are interested in some pics of your blog. Could you please write me to colors@laiaabril.com
    thanks a lot for your time,

  • Marta says:

    Hi John!
    I am trying to get in touch with the author of http://realpolynesia.blogspot.com.es/ Are you the John H. Harding who was in Kapingamarangi in 1969? I am writing on the behalf of an agency, we are trying to plan a trip to Kapingamarangi Atoll. Can you inform me about how to arrive there, please? I would be very thankful.
    Waiting for your kind reply,

  • JOHN HARDING says:

    ha ha ha I went there in 1969. Lonely Planet guide books had a small piece on the area in one of their books. Cheers JH

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