HENRI BOURCE “Savage Shadows” producer.

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Henri filmed sharks caught in beach meshing nets at Greenmount (Coolangatta) Queensland. 1966, for his film Savage Shadows.


Shark bitten survivors, Raymond Short with Henri Bource in 1966


Henri Bource at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland during his marine filming project "Savage Shadows".© John Harding 2016

Henri Bource at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland during his marine filming project “Savage Shadows”.© John Harding 2016

Same Shovelnose sharks from a different angle.


Rodney Fox made these two catches very late in the day. 1966.


Henri portrait

F2-Henri-Ray Henri Bource returns to the sea

Meanwhile, to combat phantom pains (itches and aches etc.) in the lost lower half of a leg, Henri learned self hypnosis soon after his ‘accident’ as he called the shark attack.

The effect was, he could explain how the shark bit his leg off and almost turn the incident into humor, sometimes.

So convincing was his attitude to living normal life, without thinking I once criticized him for parking in a disabled parking space.

Henri Bource (sax) lower front. Leading Melbourne band, supported top overseas acts 1960s.

Henri Bource (sax) in front. Leading Melbourne band, supported the Lee Gordon stars visiting during 1960s.





Mike Perry checks our boat, Amity Point, Queensland

We three rented a cabin where, at high tide, the sea water was under the floor. That cabin and many others have since disappeared as the western coast of this big sandy island slowly washes away.

The Australian mainland is seen in the distance, across Moreton Bay. To the south out of sight is The Gold Coast – in the opposite direction is Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane.

Two years ago bull shark(s) attacked and killed a swimmer just 50 meters from where Mike is standing.

Our shark diving was around the corner and offshore at a small rocky island 3 km from the holiday village of Point Lookout.

Occasional large tiger sharks are a possibility, attracted by the availability of  stingrays and a few manta rays.


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