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1. Sharks love the color red. 2. Sharks are said to be attracted to dogs 3. It’s a mistake to bump into a shark with a boat – especially when following one like the above, at any speed.
Ben Cropp moments later.BEN CROPP and I assumed it was a tiger shark by the actions it displayed.

Could it have been a cranky Lemon shark – not an uncommon species at Batt Reef, and far out-numbered by the Tigers?

John D. Stevens (CSIRO) when asked for a shark ID, replied (in part): “It’s not a tiger shark, species unidentifiable”.

The confusion came after we saw numerous tiger sharks on the reef shallows earlier the same morning, attracted by – possibly – a harpooned dugong, sea turtle, or stingray – something large enough  when injured to  provided a stimulus attraction.

These were big sharks, 2.5 meters and upwards, with a single four meter monster seen the next day.

This seemed unusual for so many in a small area.

Batt Reef is a large and mostly sandy and shallow running some ten nautical miles in length, located off Port Douglas, Queensland.  It is not a destination for tourist visitors.  Quite a private place.

DSC02387 shark-story1-Destroyed pontoon moments after shark left (Custom)-001 1-Tiger shark now side on

 One of four shots taken.

One of four shots taken.



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