Search – shark repellents 1960s

May 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Grey Nurse shark, Montague Island 1967

Grey Nurse shark, Montague Island 1967


Grey nurse shark 1967

Grey nurse shark 1967

Grey Nurse at 33 meters depth, Montague Island.

Grey Nurse at 33 meters

Tabloid journalism in five cinema newsreels 1961-1964 – searching for shark repellents.




§ 2 Responses to Search – shark repellents 1960s

  • John Scanlon, FCD says:

    I remember seeing a TV show in the mid-70’s, I think it may have been the Taylors, demonstrating powerheads on white-tips and/or grey nurses. Endless lingering shots of quivering sharks spiralling down into the depths… Would that have been Shark Fighters, or was there something similar made around ’74-75? (I imagine that older shark films were in demand for TV around the time Jaws came out)

    Not long after that, there was another show (or Nat Geo article?) about a device for chopping up sea snakes, like normal snake tongs but with shears instead of a gripping head. That was just appalling (and far more likely to get someone bitten than to prevent it), and helped me realise how sick the powerhead orgy had been as well.

    I’m really glad these activities are not being promoted as fun and reasonable things to do these days, but have searched a bit and found it very hard to find information about them (let alone the video) on the internet. I can understand the people involved in them not wanting to keep those images in public view, but thought that anything that was ever on TV was now out there.

  • JOHN HARDING says:

    We live in the hope that Ben will put some of his early films on YouTube. Not all titles survive – some were cut into other films.

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