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USA & Australian underwater specialists who filmed “Shark Jaws” on the Great Barrier Reef, which was the author of “Jaws” diving with sharks – notably a pair of feeding tiger sharks at Sykes Reef. John Harding (top left), in front row – Scott Ransom, Stan Waterman, Peter Benchley and Pat Smith.  Working as a freelance cameraman can be limiting.  This American crew demanded they ‘own’ all copyright to our memories obtained on the expedition, i.e. we could not write about any experiences.  That clause was struck out of my ‘contract’.

Walter A. Starck PhD (pictured above) came to Australia aboard his research vessel which had a 2-man wet-sub, useful for some aspects of filming large sharks.  We produced “Voyage to the Coral Sea” in the expedition from Madang,  Papua New Guinea to Cairns, Queensland, stopping for dives at Osprey Reef (1972).  Perhaps the first divers to visit this spectacular location in the northern Coral Sea.  Details in Fathom magazine No.9  pages at:


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