TIGER SHARKS Kim Burn Li (2016) 3 mins

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CLICK HERE for Tiger Beach videoKim Burn Li video

HENRI BOURCE (1935-1998) Great White Shark ate leg

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Henri Bource at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland during his marine filming project "Savage Shadows".© John Harding 2016

Henri Bource at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland during his marine filming project “Savage Shadows”.© John Harding 2016


Henri portrait


F2-Henri-Ray Henri Bource returns to the seaamitypoint2,jpg


Mike Perry checks our boat, Amity Point, Queensland

We three rented a cabin where, at high tide, the sea water was under the floor. That cabin and many others have since disappeared as the western coast of this big sandy island slowly washes away.

The Australian mainland is seen in the distance, across Moreton Bay. To the south out of sight is The Gold Coast – in the opposite direction is Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane.

Two years ago bull shark(s) attacked and killed a swimmer just 50 meters from where Mike is standing.

Our shark diving was around the corner and offshore at a small rocky island 3 km from the holiday village of Point Lookout.

Occasional large tiger sharks are a possibility, attracted by the availability of  stingrays and a few manta rays.


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1. Sharks love the color red. 2. Sharks are said to be attracted to dogs 3. It’s a mistake to bump into a shark with a boat – especially when following one like the above, at any speed.
Ben Cropp moments later.BEN CROPP and I assumed it was a tiger shark by the actions it displayed.

Could it have been a cranky Lemon shark – not an uncommon species at Batt Reef, and far out-numbered by the Tigers?

John D. Stevens (CSIRO) when asked for a shark ID, replied (in part): “It’s not a tiger shark, species unidentifiable”.

The confusion came after we saw numerous tiger sharks on the reef shallows earlier the same morning, attracted by – possibly – a harpooned dugong, sea turtle, or stingray – something large enough  when injured to  provided a stimulus attraction.

These were big sharks, 2.5 meters and upwards, with a single four meter monster seen the next day.

This seemed unusual for so many in a small area.

Batt Reef is a large and mostly sandy and shallow running some ten nautical miles in length, located off Port Douglas, Queensland.  It is not a destination for tourist visitors.  Quite a private place.

DSC02387 shark-story1-Destroyed pontoon moments after shark left (Custom)-001 1-Tiger shark now side on

 One of four shots taken.

One of four shots taken.

SHARK RESEARCHERS 1960s – primitive beginnings

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SCHOOLING SHARKS – French Polynesia

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Screen grab.

Screen grab.


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1-White shark by Ron Taylor-001

LIFE etc

Illustration. "Sharks and Fisheries of Australia".

Illustration.  1950s

1-DSC00531(Above illustration of shark teeth).From the 1950s when Grey Nurse sharks were still considered “Man Eaters”.  That belief changed when the first underwater cinematographers began filming them in 1961.  It took a few years for the new information to circulate in the pre-digital era.

When did white sharks begin jumping into the air after prey?  It’s a recent occurrence – according to experts.

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Great white shark under a surfboard.



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Facebook 2014

Facebook 2014

Ron Taylor Reef named in honour of shark man

Ron Taylor - circa 1971

Ron Taylor – circa 1971